How To Perform A Proper Squat?

Updated: Jan 29

Hi Friends of Oompf, it's Alvan here. Today we will be talking about squats; what is the right form, how low should you go and how to improve your squats.

Squats are one of the best ways to build lower body strength as well as core strength... if done properly.

Squats can help make everyday life easier. They are considered a functional exercise, meaning they enable your body to perform real-life activities easier. From sitting on a chair, to picking up something on the floor. These may sound like simple activities however as you get older, your body relies on your leg and core strength to keep you going. Every squat works out your core to promote balance and improves communication between your brain and your muscle groups. This helps to prevent falls, especially as you get older. Squats strengthen your body, making it move more efficiently in today’s r