What Kind Of Footwear Should I Wear For Training?

Updated: Jan 29

Hi Friends of Oompf, it's Alvan here. Today we will be talking about the kind of footwear you should be using for different types of training such as strength training or cardio.

No matter what type of athletic activity you do, your feet are going to bear the greatest brunt of your training. There are so many different types of footwear claimed to be the 'best'; the lightest, the most comfortable, or the most stylish. But the question is, which is the best for you and most compatible with your training program?

Footwear is easily one of the most commonly overlooked things when it comes to training but it may be playing a much bigger role than you think.

Ever feel like no matter what kind of "impact-absorbing" shoes you buy your feet or knees still hurt after a run? This may come as a surprise to many but most shoes that claim to absorb or reduce impact don't actually do that. The thick cushioning in the soles make running on it more comfortable but don't actually take away the impact on your knees. The cushioning lowers the ability of our feet to sense what’s beneath it when it hits the ground and this dullness of this sense can lead to injury. However, with more minimalistic shoes or thinner soled shoes, your feet are in contact with the ground; the sense doesn’t get affected and it reduces th